FEEL GOOD (Wellness Center of Attraction 1-10 rating)

Well since most relate to music and sound vibrations listen to the jam. First take a quick survey of self and be sincere and rate How You Be, lol in the moment and then bump this tune. During the music and also before you listen  I want you to breath four seconds in and than four seconds out. Do this being fully relaxed and feel the breath going in at the tummy through the chest( lungs) than out of your nose. During the whole song repeat to your sub-conscious the words I FEEL GOOD, I FEEL GOOD, yeahhh I FEEL GOOD until you are no longer in your mind but in the feeling. Hey if you got to dance than dance, dance , dance just Feel Good Sounds good OK here the song:

Now our vibrations are raised we are not our memories, we dont have to be victims of current events, all we have to do for change is raise our vibrations; Positive ViBez sounds to easy to be true well just do so and let everyone know how you feel on the Wellness Center Of Attraction group page on Facebook Join the movement. Gratitude to all EYE’s that see and hEARs that listen abundance in oneness…Etantric Bisuumba

feel good 2

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breath easy

I say “to live is to breath fully, entirely no matter the circumstance mind created.” Breath in for 4 breath out for 4 this time in from your belly(=  than out through the nose. May the peace and oxygen flow through all the cells in your body. Now that’s yoga mind, body,& spirit,  than shake any&EVERYTHING off I mean everything off yeahhhhhh> Etantric Bisuumba

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