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Body Balance

Welcome to
Body Balance Technologies

The one true home of health and wellness.

If you care about your well being, your health and wish to feel better, play harder, enjoy life and reduce or eliminate pain…well you’re in the right place! Fortunately for you, you are only a few clicks away from a more fulfilling life.

The Frequency of Life




Email : CONTACT ME TO GET YOUR BANDS TODAY tel :702 201 71 40

Buying a Body Balance product infused with the BB-XT55 formula is easy and straight forward using our online shop today.

Watch Video.

Learn more about the benefits of utilizing a product infused with BB-XT55 technology with our online product demos.

The Benefits

We believe we are the only company to provide you with a product that is:

  • Medically endorsed & independently proven by science

People who wear products infused with our BB-XT55 formula have experienced:

  • A more relaxed focused state of mind
  • They sleep better
  • Increase in flexibility and balance
  • Improvement in endurance and core strength
  • Relief of pain from arthritis, back aches, carpel tunnel syndrome and sports related injuries
  • Relief from migraine
  • And much more!

Don’t be fooled by so many manufacturers that make unsubstantiated claims, that speak mumbo jumbo and talk in riddles to explain their products……chances are they don’t  work and are nothing short of over-priced novelty items.

We promise you benefits, we promise to explain in plain English why, we promise to provide you with a 45 day  no quibble money back guarantee. You can not  lose!!!


How does it work?.

In brief, the inventor of the BB-XT55 System has incorporated two technologies together to provide you with a truly innovative and remarkable product range.

BB-XT55 system infused products utilize low range natural frequencies and emits Anions combined these technologies are remarkable in helping to achieve and maintain overall well being.

BB-XT55 Systems formula = Overall Health + Well Being

The BB-XT55 System contains a self regeneration formula of Anions and Low range Frequencies. The formula has been carefully developed and tested nearly two (2) decades before prototype products were used in conjunction with substantiating many of benefits our users experience.

The Founder spent nearly two (2) decades R&D to develop and perfect this technology that lay within their HFF. Now we can infuse virtually any product or product line with the BB-XT55 System .

Additional information is on our technology page.

Don’t delay, protect yourself today……. Body Balance the Frequency of Life.


This is the wave of the NOW(future) Also know this Body Balance is not a Band company,its a technology company, the BB-XT55 formula. Remember the blog    Intention +vehicle+ formula(system) = Success, go back and check it out in my blog Archives. Get YOUR BODY BALANCE BANDS TODAY!!!!!!

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