Why it is so necessary to use natural oils on your skin and hair?

Why it is so necessary to use natural oils on your skin and hair?

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I will suggest a few reasons why. First, what is good to eat is also good for your skin and hair. Natural oils when absorb on the skin feed the cells on the outside and inside the body. What the body can digest when you eat foods it’s a similar process that the body goes through when you apply to your skin and hair. Many people buy oils in the store that say all natural but fail to read the labels, and they are not always all natural. Second; when habits are formed it is difficult for the body to reject artificial things. The body has its cellular mind and accepts whatever it has been given. Why this may be important? Well if something needed to be really corrected in your body and the cellular memory only knows what the body has been given, it becomes very difficult for positive results. Remember what you can intake in your mouth that’s good for you, is always good for your skin and hair, IE: plants,fruits, oils,etc. Checkout the video post where I interviewed Ma’at Ausset as she explains more about her product “Everybody has good hair and skin” products. Also check out http://www.blackportalfamily.com if you are interested in exploring the depths of Natural Oils. “Perform patch tests on skin to be confident of your body’s response. Any recommendations made by The Wellness Center of Attraction should not be construed as a substitute for medical advice from your W holistic Family Health Practitioner.

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